Do YOU wanna build a farm?

I have always, always wanted to live on a big open farm and have lots and lots of furry, fuzzy and feathered animals. I also wanted to build a big, beautiful event venue. New Branch Farms is a combination of those two dreams.

About 5 years ago, my husband Sam and I started looking for property in Isle of Wight, Virginia. After many long months of looking, we finally found the perfect location... 23 acres of open farmland in Rushmere. GORGEOUSNESS!

Right away, we went through the brutal process of getting the property re-zoned for the event venue. Almost a year later, we finally got the go ahead - phew! Last February, we started building the first structure on the property; our place of residence as required by the county. We finally finished up and moved in on February 7th, 2020. (Yes, it took almost a year because we did most of the building ourselves. Can someone say sweat equity?).

This is us raising our first wall! That's me on the right, Sam in the white hoodie, a neighbor in the coveralls who came to help and my brother on the left.

Well, we are not really finished... we still have A L O T to do but we are all moved in - YAY!!!!!!

Chelsea (best daughter ever) and I cannot WAIT to get animal feet on the dirt. We brought two pups and one kitty with us and on April 1, Chelsea's birthday, we are going to pick up 6 baby chicks from Grafton Feed and Seed. Oh My Word we are so excited!!!! Oh, and did I tell you we already put a deposit on 3 baby goats! YEP. THREE.

Can't wait to get those babies in the field! Time to build some fencing....


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