Field to Farm "Getting Chickens and a Bonus" by Chelsea

It's April 1st, 2020. It's my birthday and.. wait for it.. we are going to pick up some baby chicks. EEEEKKKK. I am so excited! Seriously, who wouldn't want baby chickens for their birthday?

Mom and I woke up early and headed to Yorktown Feed and Seed where there was two big containers of these little, chirping fuzz-balls. How in the world am I supposed to pick 6 new members of the family out of all this cuteness? We picked out 3 black and 3 yellow babies and then another little yellow fuzzy actually chose me. She jumped in my hand and became the 7th new member of the family. The black babies are Australorp and the yellow fuzzies are ISA Browns. We loaded them into our cardboard box and grinned all the way out the door.

But wait a minute... one in that box has a bill, not a beak! Actually, there are TWO bills in that box? We left the Feed and Seed and went to Tractor Supply to pick up some supplies (list of supplies below) and low and behold, they had ducklings. "We'll take one of each!" We have absolutely no self control when it comes to animals! We picked up our chicken, and duck supplies and headed home to sit on the floor all afternoon and bond with our babies.

Today was a good day. Just look at these cuties. Happy birthday to me!!!

If you want to watch these precious little ones grow up, join us on the journey. If you have a little of your own, send us a link so we can follow you too! One big happy farm family!!!

In the mean time... Holly will be keeping a close eye on them

Here is a list of supplies we bought/borrowed/already had to get us going:

- Brooder (something used for raising young poultry to keep them contained) - We used plastic tubs. We had 4 of them. One for the chickens and one for the ducks and then two more to always have ready. In the morning we would take the ducks/chicks out of their dirty brooder and put them in a clean brooder we already had prepared. Then we would clean the dirty one and get it ready for the evening changeout. We found that it was much easier to have one already prepared to transfer them to.

- Cover for the Brooder - needed to keep Zoe, Holly, Coco and Olaf from jumping inside for a visit. We used mesh netting. We just cut a piece big enough to cover the tops and used clothes pins to secure it (save a clothes pin for your nose for the really stinky changeouts).

- Brooder Light and Bulb - To keep the cuties nice and toasty. The bulb is red so it doesn't hurt their eyes!

- Thermometer - To keep track of the temperature in the brooder.

- Feeder - Again, we wanted 4 of them but you can get by with only one (or two if you have ducklings)

- Waterer - The feeder and waterer are interchangeable - how cool is that!!!

- Chicken Starter - Buy a big bag. They sure can eat. Especially the ducks!!!

- Organic Old Fashioned Oatmeal - For the ducklings after they are two weeks old.

- Brewer's Yeast - Extra Niacin for the ducklings.

- Bedding - You will go through lots and lots of this stuff. Buy in bulk if you can. Then throw the used bedding into a compost bin and have nutrient rich "food" for your garden (and help the environment!)

- Hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies and old towels or rags - raising chicks/ducks can be quite messy but so worth it!


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