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Terms and Conditions 

Payment:  Registration is not confirmed until agreement and payment has been received. Full payment is required to confirm participation and/or secure table. If credit card payment is declined, participation will be cancelled until payment is made in full.  Spaces are limited and are on a first come first serve basis.


Cancellations:  Should any contingency prevent holding of the exposition (Governer's orders, severe weather, acts of God), show producers will either transfer to alternate event date or refund vendor.  Show producers shall not be required to compensate for expenses incurred up to the time such contingency shall have occurred. Show producers shall not be liable for any damages or additional expenses incurred by exhibitor in connection with the show or its cancellation or postponement. All payments for cancellation by exhibitor is non-refundable. 

Door Prizes:  Giveaways or door prizes are highly recommended.  Giveaways and Grand Prize will be awarded during the last hour of the show and the winner must be present to win. 

Display Space:  Show management will determine booth location based on participating vendors. They will make every effort to keep like vendors at a distance. All demonstrations, sales activities, and distribution of circulars and promotional material must be confined to the limits of your booth. All items not part of the display must be kept out of site during the show. Requests for tables, chairs, electricity, or other fixtures will not be available on the day of show event. 

Use of Booth Space:  Subletting and sharing of booths is not permitted. Booth size is 8x10. The entire exhibit must be contained within the assigned space. No more than three representatives from your company will be allowed at the same time. Setup time will be a minimum of four hours before doors open to the public. At that time, all displays must be up and ready for presentation and maintained neat and orderly during the entire event. Exhibits which include the operation of radios, sound and/or motion picture equipment, public address systems, musical instruments, or any noise making machines must be operated so that the noise will not disturb others and must be approved. Carpet brought in should be slip resistant and lay flat. Attaching signs or anything else in any way to tenting, walls, posts, seating areas or any other piece of the structure of the tent or property is strictly prohibited. Exhibitors or their representatives shall not injure or deface walls as well as floors, or any part of the tent/venue property. This includes booth materials and equipment of another vendor. If such damages occur, any exhibitor causing such damage is liable to the owner of the damaged property. Helium tanks are permitted but must be cleared by show producer first and must be kept on its stand for quick exit. Open flame such as candles are permitted if it is contained and must be cleared by hosting venue and producers of the show.  

Booth Restrictions:  Vendors with unassigned spaces are strictly prohibited from soliciting business during this event. The use of live models or performers for demonstrations or explanations are subject to approval. Electrical wiring must confirm to National Electrical Code Safety Rules. Literature, business cards and any other material handed out at your booth must not include the name, phone number, address, or any other vital information about any other company besides that represented by your booth unless that company is exhibiting in the show. If the literature continues to be handed out, exhibitor will pay an additional fee equal to the cost of the booth space. No literature may be handed out outside the perimeter of your booth. Exhibitor must give full disclosure of every type of product or service that will be presented in the booth space, even if it is all listed under the exhibitor’s company name.  Power strips, cables and extensions are the responsibility of each vendor.  

Show Hours:  Each booth must be staffed throughout show times. The producers of this show are not liable for lost or stolen items. Show management reserves the right to clear out any tables not set up 10 minutes prior to show time. All booths must stay assembled until closing at the end of the show time. If an exhibitor breaks their booth down early, the show producer may restrict exhibitor from future shows. Banners, signs, items on display and anything in or around the booth must stay intact until the show is over.  

Amplified Sound:  Microphones, sound systems and other amplified sound are allowed within reason as well as televisions and computers, but all previously mentioned must be kept at a low level and should not be heard outside of your booth area. 

Loading/Unloading:  Each exhibitor must check in at registration to confirm their arrival and will be escorted to their assigned booth location. Vehicles loading and unloading must not block other vendors from accessing loading/unloading area.  

Insurance:  Exhibitor is solely responsible for all occurrences inside his or her booth. an off-premises liability insurance is strongly suggested.  

Attendee Lists:  Giving, sharing, loaning, or selling list of attendees is strictly prohibited. If you give, sell, or loan the attendee list to anyone who is not an exhibitor in the Expo, you and that company are liable for a fine of $1,000.00 per occurrence, per listed name and per use. 

Agreement:  All forms submitted by email is deemed to be an original document and is enforceable.      

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