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“Rejoicing through the Rain is a story of grace and healing, through and through. Never have I read a better example of giving God glory in the midst of suffering. As I read each word, I felt not only the pain that Sam and Wendy must have felt, but the joy that came through the healing touch of God. I laughed and cried and pondered my response to life's unfairness, and came out the other side knowing better than ever that God is good, and that He takes care of His children. If you have ever had any disappointments, hurts, or suffering, this book will speak to you in a fresh new way. Rejoicing through the Rain is a book you don't want to pass by.” - Maria Spady

“An amazing book detailing a journey that few have walked! Wendy Mills is a down to earth writer who has the gift of capturing her reader by exposing the depths of her heart.
You will laugh with her, cry with her, and rejoice with her. Praise God that He gave her the desire needed to pursue writing this book.” - Maria Jernigan

“Rejoicing Through the Rain is a book that truly honors our LORD Jesus Christ. The book challenges your emotions, while the succeeding Bible study uplifts and energizes you spirit. Wendy has put her heart and soul into this first class work and the story of her faith is inspiring.” - Lynn Wilkie

"Rejoicing Through the Rain is what true faith is all about. From the first to last page, it is an exceptionally REAL journey of the heart and soul!" - Hugh & Tracy Vest


“Rejoicing Through the Rain brought me to tears with the realization that our God is truly a loving God. Wendy and Sam’s lives were completely upended by their loss and things could have gone terribly wrong for them like it does so many couples who suffer a tragedy. Instead, they placed all their hurt, fears and pain in the hands of the Lord and came out the other side a stronger couple. I loved this book from the moment I opened it and felt their pain, love and faith in every page. Wendy Mills is a true author who writes with such eloquence and love that it keeps you turning every page. I am amazed by her faith and lucky to have met such an amazing women of God.” - Liza Kazee

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